Clip Syndicate’s Video Search API Released to Social Network, Social News and Video Syndication Programmers. Video Curation Platform Provider Making 1000+ Authoritative New Clips Per Day Available to Channel Creators
December 28, 2007 – 9:47 am

New York, NY - December 28, 2007 - Clip Syndicate, a service of Critical Media’s Media and Publishing Services Group, today announced the controlled release of its search API to social network, social news and video syndication application programmers under its standard revenue-share terms for web publishers. With the API release, Clip Syndicate, a rapidly growing, ad-supported viral broadcast video syndication platform, will provide participating developers with a deep level of access and integration options beginning with an archive of over 200,000 broadcast video clips delivered immediately as embedded flash assets. In partnership with more broadcast affiliate partners than any other online syndication platform, applications and widgets developed under the program will have access to feeds of over 1,000 new video news clips per day.

Interested developers must contact to join the program.

The first partner under the initiative,, has used the Clip Syndicate API to make a broadcast news video search application available to 1000’s of its channel creators who wish to search for and publish topical video channels in a single location that embodies their personality and interests. By using the API, Magnify users can search any topic and view aggregated results from Clip Syndicate, then instantly publish the best clips to their personal video pages.

About ClipSyndicate

ClipSyndicate, a next-generation online video advertising & content syndication platform, enables respected broadcasters and video content producers to easily monetize their content and extend their brands through an Internet distribution channel that syndicates video clips to thousands of vertical Web sites in need of rich media content. Broadcast content providers and Web publishers alike benefit financially from ClipSyndicate by sharing in the advertising revenues generated through the ClipSyndicate media player.

Launched in 2006, ClipSyndicate is a service of Critical Mention Inc., the most comprehensive Web-based television search and broadcast monitoring service. Critical Mention is privately held, with headquarters in New York City. For more information please visit ClipSyndicate.

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